JCT Analysentechnik

JCT Analysentechnik GmbH is the leading Austrian company in the field of Gas Conditioning and Emission Monitoring. Their product range covers all parts needed of effective and efficient gas sampling, including everything from heated gas sampling probes, analytical heated lines and gas conditioners – also for portable applications and where ATEX certification is needed. With a global network of distributors and OEM partners JCT products and JCT solutions are successfully deployed in leading power generation plants, the cement, mineral, iron and steel industry, the manufacturing industries, waste incinerators and also authorities institutes and universities.

Today JCT is over 25 years in business and well known for technically superior, reliable and durable gas conditioning components and efficient after-sales-service worldwide.

Gas Sampling Probes

Components and Expertise for CEMS and Process Gas Applications

JCT manufactures sampling probes for all kinds of stacks and pipes – including Ex-zones. Ask for our new back-flush filter cleaning system!

JCT provides a wide range of heated hoses with various kinds of heaters and materials fitting your application (even Ex-zones)

Sample Gas Conditioning

Components and Expertise for CEMS and Process Gas Applications

  • JCT produces sample gas coolers for cold, hot and very hot applications, some models with Ex-approval. The cooler makes sure that the wet and hot sample gas will reach the gas analyzer in a condition that fits the technical requirements.
  • JCT can offer a well proven and robust NO2 to NO converter for reliable NOX measurements with an IR-analyzer.

Gas Analyzers

Instrumentation and Expertise for CEMS and Process Gas Applications
JCT co-operates with all major manufacturers of gas analyzers both as OEM-supplier and as system-integrator.

Based on our over 20 years of experience we do exactly know how to integrate and support the various instruments.

We do offer a broad range of accessories and consumables to make sure your gas analyzing system works well – even under harsh conditions.