Manual visual dew-point hygrometer with electronic cooling of the condensate mirror is the best for operational control of water and hydrocarbon dew point.

The instrument provides measurement of hydrocarbon condensation temperature and dew point in strict conformance with GOST R 53763-2009 and GOST R 53762-2009.

The measuring device can come with the systems for gas sampling from pipelines and additional cooling of the meter.


This automatic condensation hygrometer has the option to measure manually. It was designed for taking measurements of the water dew point and hydrocarbon condensation temperature as well as the visual monitoring of the condensation processes.

The analyzer comes in two designs differing only in accessories and maximum operating pressure (16/30 MPa).


The CONG Prima-2M dew point transducer is an automatic condensation hygrometer working on the chilled-mirror principle and designed for measuring the water dew point or hydrocarbon condensation temperature at gas transportation and other natural gas facilities.

CONG Prima-2M in flow-through submersible design is intended to be mounted directly on the pipeline.